Why Hinduism and Islam Produce Terrorists

In The Ugly on May 17, 2008 at 2:53 am

Of the major religions in the world the followers of Islam and Hinduism produce the greatest number of terrorists.  This cannot be denied even by the apologists for these religions who, of course, consider Hinduism and Islam to be religions of peace.

What separates the Christians? They too produced a great amount of religious bloodshed in the dark ages.  Why are they silent now? Why do they not start religious wars? Why don’t they walk around starting riots or planting bombs in crowded areas to kill infidels?

The answer lies somewhere in the fact that the Christians have come to accept that religious texts should be taken metaphorically and not literally.  Even the Vatican Astronomer admits so much.  Hinduism and Islam will continue to produce terrorists till such time as their followers do not learn this lesson.

(For the record: I am an athiest – not a follower of any religion.)

  1. This blog seems to ignore facts and just presentb what you would like to be true. What about the Christian Terrorists such as the Army of God, the Nagaland Rebels and the Lebanese Forces who carried out the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

    Also where do you get the idea that Hindus have a large number of terrorists. Hinduism and Buddhism compare very favourably to Islam and Christianity in never undertaking a military invasion in the name of their religion. Take a look at the List of designated terrorist organizations and you will find six Christian organisations, twenty six Islamic ones but no Hindu organisations.

    I will be interested to see whether you post this, or whether you want to keep people from seeing the facts.

  2. There you are Chris, your comment has been posted. I hope your curiosity is satisfied.

    If you would read my post carefully, you would perhaps be able to realise that I am not saying that religions other than Hinduism and Islam do not produce terrorists. I am saying that these religions produce more – in our times.

    The fact is clear from the list you refer to that the Islamists are still dominant. Also, several of the Christian organizations this list refers to are defunct in all but name.

    Christians organizations that take religion as the literal word of god or devil or whatever do produce terrorists. That is not surprising and I have not argued that they do not exist.

    My argument is that violence in the name of Christianity is rarer than violence in the name of Islam and Hinduism.

    As for the Hindus, whether one calls their organizations “terrorists” or not, they have engaged in state sponsored terrorism. The Gujarat riots in India are a case in point. These riots were led by Hindu fanatics with the backing of a government dedicated to the ideology of Hindutva.

    One may prefer to call this genocide or anything else but still, these riots were designed to create terror in the minds of people. As such, they too fit in the category of terrorism.

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