Job Reservations and Incompetence

In Uncategorized on October 28, 2008 at 3:28 am

A result of a society following bad ideas is that these ideas do not stay inside a box.  Sooner or later they escape like miseries from Pandora’s box and show their influence on all aspects of society.  A result of the policy of reservations followed by the Indian society is that slowly voices are being raised against the hiring policies of private companies – an effect that was never intended when the reservation laws were passed.

The hiring of American pilots by Jet Airways has Indian pilots crying that the jobs should not go to foreigners.  The Indians do not claim that they have the expertise to fly the specific planes for which the new pilots have been hired but rather that they are Indians and therefore thay ought to be hired.

It has often been noted that all reservations create is a sense of entitlement among the so called “lower castes.”  This case proves that other people too are willing to define new castes (castes are primarily based on profession) and expect entitlements in new professions that did not even exist when the caste system was created.

The virus of demanding what one cannot claim on the basis on competence is wider spread in Indian society than commonly thought.

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