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Everyone Has Some Good In Them

In The Ugly on April 22, 2008 at 2:35 am

In a world of no fixed moral code everyone who has caused physical harm to the innocent has an eulogizer.  The Communist/Naxalite/Marxist Anuradha Ghandy is no exception.

The typical form for such an eulogy is that it is typically written by someone who was in the past close to the person.  The person is remembered for some trait that might be considered nice for example they were kind to children, always cheerful etc.

In the orgy of praise, the ideas the person followed or stood for are considered irrelevant.  What is worse, the blame is often cast on a third person.  What is still worse, the blame is cast indirectly – as Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been blamed right at the end of the article on Anuradha Ghandy.

To this blogger, Anuradha Ghandy deserves condemnation, not praise.  And so does any person who tries to cover the essential nature of such people behind mindless personal reminisces.

The rest of us have to discard the idea that everyone has some good in them.  No, some people are just plain bad, even if once in a while they laugh and play with their friends.