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Possibly A Good Sign

In The Good on May 12, 2008 at 3:54 am

Now that anger of the Indian political establishment at a popular whipping boy has died down let us see the facts of the case.

Taken at face value, Mr. Bush’s remarks are not antagonistic towards India. One would expect leaders of a poor country to be happy at being told that their country is now wealthy enough to consititute a serious demand for a commodity even as basic as food.  What could be a better recognition of their astute leadership? No?

Evidently, it is not so. Our politican’s would rather be told that we are too poor and destitute to have any effect on food prices.

However, no mass protests have broken out yet. There have been as yet no gangs of angry peasants (hired by Indian political parties) marching on the American embassy in New Delhi. Maybe the general philosophy in India has improved and all the Indians can’t be fooled all the time into thinking that the United States is to blame for all problems all of the time.

Maybe, just maybe, that is true.  If it is, it would be to the good.