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Murder By Majority

In The Ugly on May 13, 2008 at 2:05 am

I have previously written than the wishes and perception of a majority of people does not mean that they should prevail.

Confirmation of this came only a few days later in the form of a gruesome “honour” killing.

Sunita’s uncle declares:

”Police and the government is with the society. The whole village is with (the killers).”

The will of the majority is clear so should the killers go free? What if the entire country, the entire world agreed with Sunita’s uncle? Should the killers still be punished?

It is not difficult to imagine that people who are not driven by clannish loyalties would answer that the killers should be punished.  They would be correct.  The responsibility for an act lies with the actors.  The worth of an idea however, is more difficult to judge until it’s consequences are seen.

The idea behind this murder is that the majority can dispose of people as they see fit and the consequences are now visible.  Sunita was killed in effect, by everyone who holds the idea that the majority is always right.