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A Note On India, Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Hamas

In India on December 30, 2008 at 1:40 am

It seems more fair than ever to assert that India has no sense of history or philosophy.  Barely a month after terrorist attacks on Mumbai and after India’s making threatening noises at Pakistan, Israel is deemed unfair for doing to Hamas what India has only had the courage to hint at doing to Pakistan.  According to the Hindustan Times of December 29, 2008:

The Congress [an Indian political party that currently runs the Central government] on Sunday condemned Israeli action in  the Gaza Strip […] “The disproportionate use of brute force by Israel […] deserves strongest condemnation [sic],” a Congress spokesperson said.

This statement evades the fact that Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip is a terrorist organization and is responsible for continued rocket attacks on Israeli citizens.

The Cold War might be almost twenty years over and India might itself be suffering from Islamic terrorism but India and it’s ruling party are still fighting the old leftist war.

Israel might do well to beware of treating India as a friend.  This hypocritical land of the leftist soundbite is nobody’s friend.  India is, after all, trying to cozy up to Iran – one of the biggest (if not the biggest)  backers of Islamic terrorism in the world.  According to another story in the Hindustan Times (December 28, 2008):

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has widened the range of India’s diplomatic moves to pressure Pakistan into acting against those behind the Mumbai terror attacks of Novermber 26.

On Saturday, Singh spoke over the phone to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and asked him to impress upon Pakistan that it needed to move beyond denial to action on curbing terrorism.


In an unrelated speech in the evening, the prime minister said “[…] Those who wish to weaken our unity […] should remember that India has always endured […].  The force of history is on our side.”

So India, reeling under Islamic terrorism, asks the biggest supporter of Islamic terror in the world for help against the second biggest!  At the same time, condemning Israel for striking back and at the same time wanting to buy weapon systems from Israel.  And then the Indian Prime Minister speaks of the “force of history.”

(Stringing all these contradictions together it is also visible that in India there is no sense of philosophy.  A philosophy has to be more than a grab bag of inconsistent rhetoric.)

For another perspective on this, read what Aristotle the Geek has to say here.

As opposed to Israel, Muslim countries profess great love for the Palestinian cause.  However, this love does not extend to the Palestinians themselves.  The Daily Clarity has two reports of Palestinians being shot at (and killed) by the Egyptians.  Read about it here and here.