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“Us” Against “Them” Forever And Ever

In The Ugly on September 25, 2008 at 4:54 pm

Naxal Watch has published an article attempting to rationalize the initiation of violence by Hindu organisations.

They forget that the people who they list as prosecutors of Hindus died centuries ago.  It is a grave miscarriage of justice to use acts commited by people long died to justify violence against people living today.

In their orgy of collectivism they forget that people are individuals, responsible neither for the misdeeds of their ancestors, nor of their descendents, nor of their co-religionists provided they do not condone those acts.

In their rant against the “Marxist” media, they forget that the primary flaw of Marxism is to view people as mere units completely determined by the membership of a social class.  A trap into which Naxal Watch, in it’s defence of Hindu terrorists, has fallen.

In their objection to the conversion of “innocent” Hindus, they forget that the Hindus are converting by choice.  At last look, religious conversions were still permitted by the law.

Lastly, they forget that there is nothing unpatriotic about not toeing the line of Hindu organizations.

This blog still stands by it’s earlier view that militant Hinduism is just as much of a threat to civilization as militant Islam or any other religion driven by the passion of it’s own unfalliable superiority.

The writer of this blog is proud to say that he is neither Hindu, nor Muslim, nor Christian, nor Marxist but an individualist.