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An Interview with Lee Kuan Yew

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This is a an interview with Lee Kuan Yew from 2005:,1518,druck-369128,00.html

Why India Should Not Become A Superpower

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Many Indians foster the dream that one day soon India will become a superpower.  Here is why this dream should not become a reality.

Superpowers and even minor powers influence other countries with their actions, laws and values.  They have the ability to strengthen the followers of their values around the world.  The result of England achieving greatness was the growth of individual freedom and a reduction in the power of the state in many parts of the world.  The result of the United States achieving greatness was a continuation in widening circles of the same phonomenon.  The result of the USSR becoming powerful was a total loss of freedom for Eastern Europe and violence and mayhem everywhere else the Soviets acquired a foothold.

India so far has escaped becoming as evil as the U.S.S.R. but for all it’s liberalisation is still a country which does not believe that a society in which people are free to exchange ideas and trade is desirable.  The proof can be found in any newspaper.  Here are a few examples from this week:

  • We are all familiar with the recent happenings in Singur where the government acquired land for an industrial project only to find itself in a mire.  The obvious solution is to respect property rights and let people trade land freely.

Indian politicians, on the other hand, have decided that rather than take even a small step towards respecting the rights to property and trade they would rather increase their own powers.  Rather than treating people as intelligent, the leaders of this country think of it’s citizens as hapless fools who cannot handle their own affairs – “The committee said it did not think the rural poor would be able to transact in shares or debentures.”

The possibility that the rural poor could perhaps learn given the opportunity seems not to be thought worth the trying.

Now womens groups too are getting into the act of restricting freedom by demanding censorship ironically in the name of defending a woman.

Remember both examples are from this week.  This week, which is only half over, is only an average week – the stars are still in their courses and did not predict extraordinarily bad events in the Sunday papers.

Reading about such events every day, year after year, it should be obvious to the reasonably rational observer that India does not have good values to export.  India in it’s present form can export only moral cowardice and all it’s attendant evils such as random violence, censorship and the power of overreaching government.  That is why the India of today should not become a superpower capable of exporting these “values” to the rest of the world.

And I? I do not care if India never becomes a superpower or remains a minor power.  It would be far better for India to become a civilized, moral country with a productive populace who are able to enjoy the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.